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Diplomatic Journal: Re 'Walk in Style: You are the master of your fate & captain of your soul. To Read click on HERE


The United Nations CPNN News. On 'Walk in Style' Project. To view click on HERE


Growing Up Healthy,The Journal - Buenos Aires: Artists from Argentina and the World come together to raise awareness about bullying. Spanish Edition: Artistas de Argentina y el mundo se unen para concientizar sobre bullying

To read click on HERE


Turkish Paper:

"Singers from 4 Continents, including Ersin Faikzadeh from Turkey are saying "Be a Victor and Not a Victim".

To view click on HERE


Clarin Journal - Argentina:

Faced with bullying, an initiative that counts: Flavia Sinigagliesi, pediatrician and coordinator of Team Zero Bullying, Center for Psycho-neurological Research Development, says that "the song can help put the issue on the agenda, but it is essential the role of adults, which should not be passive". To view click on HERE


WAALM TRIBUNE: In Brief with contributing artists of 'Walk in Style':

Amanat Ali

Carolina Ghigliazza

Ersin Faikzade

Francesca Sola

Gabriela N.

Keiko Kagawa

Leonidas G Cue & Terrance Rose

Michael Brass

Vahid Dorri



Irina Singh



Kate Todd


Elisabeth Popp


Nexos: Against bullying, an initiative that counts  - Frente al bullying, una iniciativa que suma...

To view click on HERE


Amanda Todd Foundation: With no doubt this is one of the biggest musical projects for humanity...To view click on HERE


Note22: A song for Anti-bulying....To view click on HERE


El Diario -  Primera edición: Song speaks of the self confidence and emotional effort required to overcome adverse situations... To view more click on HERE 


The Times of  Malta, Refelected 'Walk in Style' Project: To view click on HERE



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