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International artists and WAALM joined their forces to tackle and address ‘Bullying’, which is one of the most important issues of our societies, no matter large or small around the world. Here is what the Lyricist and Composer of this message song have to say:


Mosi Dorbayani - Lyricist / Principal Vocal & Melody Composer 


In the past I have written a couple of articles on such imbalance of social or physical power and in my executive coaching seminars with various organizations I discussed this matter; however, I was truly looking for a proper opportunity to address this issue from a different angle and through music!  When I heard Amanda Todd's tragic passing, it moved me so much so that I decided to write ‘Walk in Style’ with the hope that it encourages the victims of bullying to stay strong and positive.


As you know bullying comes in different forms including ‘emotional’, ‘verbal’, ‘physical’ and ‘cyber’ and it is so sad to see our beautiful children, youths or even adults suffer from such behavioral assert and domination. Why our country’s most important future assets and brightest minds should become the victim of such abuses to the extend that they  rather to take their own lives?! In my opinion we should talk more about it, we must bring education and awareness at every level because we all know it well that bullying is no longer limited to the playgrounds, schools, or even workplaces.


I also thank all the international artists that lent us their voices and talents for this project and I’m glad that my words and melodies are voiced by such stellar and responsible artists around the world. I also appreciate everyone at WAALM, who dedicated their time and efforts to this cause and goodwill project.


Maestro Loghman Adhami, Co-composer for Piano Editions


However bullying is a known problem in every society all over the world, it seems still this issue is not being discussed widely enough to raise the public awareness fully.  Perhaps it is a great way to address this issue through one of the most effective kind of arts, which is the combination of words, voice and music. The title, its melodic theme and the lyrics written by Mosi Dorbayani really touched my soul and I am very happy to be part of this international collaboration.


I also found all the vocal artists and arrangers wonderful musician, and I am pretty sure that the humanistic message in this score will be well-received all around the world, and these powerful and beautiful voice will eco and draw attentions to this important social issue.  I really appreciate WAALM and Mosi's vision in applying art and music for humanity around the world.


Some Sad Facts:


In the USA 4400 Young people suicide per year and 50% of that figure, that is 2200 suicides were because of bullying!

In the USA for every 1 suicide, there is at least 100 attempted suicide by children and youths! 

In the USA 160,000 students stay at home and don't go to school everyday because of bullying! That is over 3,000,000 student a month!


In the UK at least 20 Children and adolescence suicide a year because of bullying!

In the UK 69% of children reported bullying per year! 

In the UK, more than 168,370 students stay at home and don't go to schools every day! That is about 31,000,000 school days are lost a year!


In Canada 47% of Canadian parents report having a child victim of bullying! 

In Canada 7% of adult Internet users, age 18 years and older, self-reported having been a victim of cyber-bullying

In Canada 40% of Canadian workers experience bullying on a weekly basis! 

In Canada 233 people between age 10-19 years old suicide a year because of bullying! 


In France: 17% of children in the study had been hit, 18% had suffered sexual harassment (being undressed, forced kissing, touching) 

and 16% had been given a demeaning nickname.

One in four said they had been insulted, with seven percent saying they’d been subject to racial abuse.


In Argentina: According to studies from the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) six out of every ten students acknowledge participating in physical or verbal abuse against their peers. 
Furthermore, one in four students between the age of ten and 18 fear reactions from their peers, 
with 46% claiming to suffer violence “at times” and 11% suffering it “many times.”



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